Other Renewable energy  Technologies

Solar Photovoltaic Cell
Round and Pseudo Square       

They are intended for the direct conversion of the solar radiation into the electric DC current power. It is used for assembling of the solar photovoltaic modules of wide application.


Stand alone
Solar LightING System

Solar grid-independent energy supply for street and indoor lighting.


It is intended for uninterrupted supply of stand-alone consumers by a heat and electric energy.



Thermal Conversion Plants for Manufacturing
of Fluid Fuels from Plant Biomass AND ORGANIC WASTES

Conversion plants are designed within the new energy supply and environment protection concept based on the use of local renewable energy sources and bio-fuels. Plant biomass, mainly in the form of agricultural and wood processing wastes, is one of these energy sources.


Wind PV hybrid system for grid-independent
 energy supply

Purpose: grid-independent energy supply for home appliances, TV, radios, radio stations, lighting, navigational, radio relay and weather stations. The system includes solar photoelectric and storage batteries, which insures supply of energy when wind speeds are below minimal.  The system have passed complete factory testing and certification


PORTABLE hydrolift                          

This device can be used for water supple and irrigation of independent or remote consumers located near to the rivers and other water streams. It uses low potential energy of moving water and ensured capacity of water pumping from to  100 up to 1000 l/h with stream speed  from 0,6 up to 3,0 m/s and water lifting up to 25 m.



 Are intended for non-polluting processing of organic waste with obtaining of gaseous fuel — biogas.