Portable solar photovoltaic system
as independent power source


Portable solar photovoltaic system is intended for energy supply of the household and special DC electric equipment of capacity up to 60 W. It is made on the basis of solar photovoltaic modules (MF). The system consists of: the solar module, pressurised storage battery (AB) with a charge controller and a signal device about a mode of system operation (they are mounted in the separate block), a network charging device (adapter) and a compact luminescent lamp.






Nominal operating voltage, V

12 and 9

Maximal capacity, W


Electric accumulator capacity, A x hour

7.2 14.4

Maximal given energy of the accumulator, W x hour


Maximal allowable depth of the accumulator discharge, 


Maximal charging current, A

0.7 1.4

The maximal voltage at charging, V


The minimal permissible voltage on the accumulator, V


Capacity of the compact luminescent lamp, W


Overall dimensions, mm

256 ´ 258 ´ 98

Mass , kg





Features of system:

         The energy storage, acting from various sources, including solar and thermal elements, network charging devices.

         Simplicity of assembly and operation is performed due to application of electric sockets.

         Small Mass  and compactness.