(with round and pseudo-square solar cells)


Solar PV modules are intended for direct conversion of sunlight into DC electric power. Solar cells (SC) are hermetically protected by the tempered glass and special polymeric films. The frame of the module is made of aluminum that provides structural strength and simplicity of installation of solar photo-voltaic systems.



MF with round SC

MF with pseudo-square SC



Technical characteristics



MF 36/4-С

with round SC

МФ36/4-С with pseudo-square SC

Capacity, W

27 – 33

33 – 41

Voltage, V

17.5 – 19.2

17.5 – 19.2

Short-circuit current, A

2.0 – 2.2

2.2 – 2.5

Load current, A

1.8 – 1.9

1.9 – 2.1

Blocking diode

KD 213 А или KD 202 D

Warranty period, years



Overall dimensions, mm



Mass , kg



Service life, years





MF with pseudo-square СЭ:

The area equals 3400 cm2.

Efficiency equals 10-12 %.

I opt equals 2000 ma hour.














I, mA

2700                               MF with pseudo-square SC



1800               MF with round SC






    0    2,5  5  7,5  10  12,5  15  17,5  20  21  22,5  U, В


MF with round SC:

The area equals 2720.0 cm2.

Efficiency equals 10 -12 %.

Е equals 100 mW/cm2.

Uopt equals 17033 mA hour.

Iopt  equals 1803 mA hour.


I-V characteristics of modules MF36/4-C


Characteristics are given for standard conditions: density of sunlight 1000 W / m2, temperature 25 °С. At lower light exposure capacity MF, a short-circuit current and a load current are reduced.



Solar photo-voltaic modules is profitable to apply at remove areas far from sources of energy as transmission lines (more than on 1-5 km) or together with the independent diesel electric generator to save fossil fuel.

Solar photovoltaic modules are used to assemble photovoltaic electric stations and solar power supply systems with capacity of 0.1 — 100 kW for a wide spectrum of applications of household and for industrial applications.

Photovoltaic modules as part of solar stations (installations) may be applied for electrification of houses in countryside, as the power supplies of street lighting lanterns, water-elevating installations, radio and television receivers, radiotelephones and other household devices.

MF may be used for the power supplies relay communication systems, as cathode protection metal structures, for maintenance of work water navigation signs, for energy supply of amplifiers – transmitters of television, telephone and radio lines.