Solar TV system intended for watching TV programs at absence of decentralised power supply.

Structure and parameters of system

1. The solar photovoltaic module MF36/4-C

Capacity, W                                                                 27 — 33

(at the sunlight illumination of 1000 W /m2

and temperature +25oC )

Short-circuit current, A                                                            17.5 – 19.2

Load current, A                                                            1.8 – 1.9

Overall dimensions, mm                                           960 x 400 x 28

Mass , kg                                                                     4.8

Service life, years                                                         20

2. The accumulator 6CT-55-A7

Voltage, V                                                                   12

Capacity, A x hour                                                        55

Mass , kg                                                                     20

Overall dimensions, mm                                              240 x 175 x 190


3. Portable TV sets “ Siesta " with the charge accumulator controller built in.


Characteristics of TV sets



Brand of the TV set







The diagonal size of the screen, cm




TV diapasons

Meter waves, microwaves

Meter waves, microwaves, SHF

Meter waves, microwaves, SHF

Supply voltage, V




Consuming power, W (from a source +12 V)




Overall dimensions, mm

330 ´ 255 ´ 385

355 ´ 320 ´ 310

415 ´ 320 ´ 350

Mass, kg






In colour TV sets Siesta-j3729AS and Siesta-j3730AS remote control and an opportunity of storing of 255 programs are stipulated.

Three entertaining games and a calendar are built in TV sets.

The controllers built in TV sets structurally consist of three units: the electronic block of the controller, the control assembly and indication, the block of connection.

The controller provides performance of the following functions:

The connection of the accumulator to the solar battery for charging at a voltage of the accumulator less than 11,5 V;

     · switching-off of the accumulator from the solar battery at the voltage of the accumulator equal 14,5 V;

     · automatic protection of the accumulator against overloads and short circuit in loading;

     · indication of modes of operation of the controller: charging of the accumulator, working with load, the low and high limits of voltage of the accumulator.

Separate components and functions of the complete set may be changed on request of the customer.

The solar television system is developed and produced by company "Saturn MKP " together with GNU VIESH and reflects the world tendency of using of non-polluting and renewable energy.


Solar water-PUMPing installation (SWPI)



SWPI is intended for elevating water from water sources from the depths up to 20 m. Installation is applied to water supply small farms and country sites, pastures and other remote from centralised water supply places.


Structure and parameters of the complete set

The solar battery

Number of modules of type MFS36/4-C, pieces            2

Capacity, W                                                                                                        60

Overall dimensions, mm                                                           900 x 960 x 30

Mass, kg                                                                                                              11


The controller

Capacity target, W                                                                                             250

Voltage, V                                                                                                           12

Overall dimensions, mm                                                                     x x 

Mass, kg                                                                                                              1,0

Storage battery

Amount, pieces                                                                                                  1

Voltage, V                                                                                            12

Capacity, А x hours                                                                                                           90

Type                                                                                      automobile

Mass , kg                                                                                                             34

The inverter

Input voltage, V                                                                                  12

Output voltage, V                                                                                               220

Capacity, W                                                                                                        600

Mass , kg                                                                                                             2,2

The water pump (vibrating)

Capacity, W                                                                                                        200

Productivity, litter/hours                                                                                                  300

Nominal height of elevating, m                                                                                       20

The maximal height of elevating, m                                                                 40

Mass , kg                                                                                                            3,5

Water hose

Diameter, mm                                                                                                      19

Length, m                                                                                                            25

Mass , kg                                                                                                             10


Solar PV modules with stationary concentratorS for electricity and heat generation


The modules are designed for solar PV electricity generation for individual consumers.

The module consists of:

·        the receiving element as bifacial solar cells connected  in series and sealed in box made of heat-resistant glass and filled with optically clear heat-conducting liquid;

·        parabolic (CPC) concentrating reflector.













Concentrators are used to collect solar radiation from larger input aperture surface onto smaller surface of receiver, where the solar cells are installed. It helps to save the expensive semiconductor solar cells per unit of capacity.

The system more efficient than usual PV modules or thermal collectors because both generated electricity and heat can be utilized simultaneously (heat is extracted by liquid for cooling solar cells and producing hot water). The cost of installed capacity is reduced by 1.5 – 2 times.

Photovoltaic modules with concentrators work year-round without having a tracking system to follow the sun. It leads to higher reliability of concentrator system/



FEMK 40-12

FEMK 100-12

Electric output, W (at solar radiation 1000W/m2)



Nominal voltage, V



Surface area of the midsection of the concentrator, m2



Operational conditions

Stationary year-round

Stationary year-round

Dimensions, mm

1300 x 750 x 730

2500 x 700 x 350

Mass , kg




The photovoltaic modules with concentrators work the whole year round without tracking position of the Sun.

The photovoltaic modules were developed under the contract with the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation.