Resonant Single-Wire Electric power transmission System


Economical consideration of installation

of resonant single-wire system in Russian rural areas



Resonant single-wire rural electrical net -100000 km,


Investments:                                    2735 million roubles

                  or                                     98 million dollars USA


Price(mil.roub.(doll.) / km)    —      0,305/ km. ;

                   or                       —      0,011 mil.doll./ km

Credit rate (MIBOR)         —         9%-year


 Main results:

NPV — 5123 mill.roub. or —         183 mill.doll.


IRR   —                            1,53  (see graph)



Is intended for electrical power supply of customers by transmission of the electric power on a single-wire line.

The principle of system operation in based on usage of two resonant circuits with frequency
0.5-50 kHz and single-ware line between contours this system, having voltage of a line  1-110 kV  and operating in a resonant mode had been proposed 100 years ago by N. Tesla. The transmission of electrical energy in an open circuit line uses capacity current and displacement currents, therefore Joules  losses on heating of a conductor in a line are insignificant.


1.Frequency converter   2.Resonance circuit of step-up transformer 3. Single-Wire line
4.Resonance circuit of step-down transformer  5. Rectifier unit  6. Load


Any conducting material for example, iron wire or another conducting medium, like a water can be used as wave guide for electromagnetic energy flow from generating station to receiving apparatus.   

There were designed special devices and converters for adapting of this system to the common ones. These devices are placed at the end and at the beginning of this single-wire line  and allow to use in input and output  standard equipment and of alternating current devices.

Using this system:

         You can reduce the flow of nonferrous metal tenfold;

         You can reduce expenses and energy losses.


Results of experiment of the single-wire electrical system with 20 kW electric power


On-load power

Current of the load

Voltage of the load

20,52 kW

54 amp

380 V

Voltage of the line    

6,8 kV

Frequency of the line

3,4 kHz

Diameter of the wire of the line

80 micron/1mm

Length of the line

6 m/1700 m

Maximal effective current density

600 A/mm2

Maximal specific electric power

4 MW/mm2




Possible application of resonant single-wire electric grid:

 1.      Energy supply to farms and villages

2.      Single-trolley and single cable conductors hybrid public transportation

3.      Innovative single electrode electric technological devices and plasma generators: electric cultivators, waste water decontamination, ozone production, veterinary plasma coagulators and scalpels.


Advantages of the resonance method for energy transmission:

1.      Energy is being transmitted through reactive capacitive current in resonance mode of operation. That makes it more difficult to steal the energy from the utilities

2.      Copper and aluminum consumption in the wire can be reduced tenfold

3.      Steal wires with copper surface layer of .1 mm are not worth enough to be stolen for resale as scrap metal.

4.      Energy loss in a single wire power line is low and energy can be transmitted over long distances

5.      Short circuits are impossible in a single wire cable and so it can not cause fire.