Stand alone Solar LightING System


Solar grid-independent energy supply for street and indoor lighting.

Designed to provide lighting within the buildings and outside using alternative sources of energy. Examples of use: Hazardous materials warehouses, recreational facilities.

Energy is supplied by the solar panel and by the storage battery.


The electric power supply is carried out by solar array and by storage battery.



  • Can function in temperatures up to 20C,
  • Has a broad range of programming options,
  • Long life-span without maintenance (up to 5 years). 
  • The timer is programmed to turn on all bulbs at 7 pm, turns off half of them at midnight, and turns off the rest at 5 am.


Technical characteristic

Power of the lamp, W


(4õ9) or (2õ18)

Power of the solar barray, W


Storage battery capacity, ampere-hour


Programming parameters

Time of switching on and off with season changes correction

The period of in-service life

Up to 10


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Stand alone Solar LightING System