The Russian Academy of Agriculture Sciences


The address of institute:

109456, Moscow, 1-st Veshnyakovsky proezd, 2, VIESH

Ph.: (499) 171-19-20.

Fax: (499) 170-51-01.



Academician of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Prof., Dr. Dmitry S. Strebkov

Ph.: (499) 171-19-20.

The deputy director on scientific work: Dr. Anatoly V.  Tikhomirov

Ph.: (499) 171-04-94.

The scientific secretary: Dr. Jury M. Antonov

Ph.: (499) 171-03-57.

The chief engineer:

Anatoly I. Antonenko

Ph.: (499) 171-02-10.

VIESH — the State scientific institution. A Federal research centre on power supply, electrification and automation of agriculture, technological development and utilization of renewable and nonconventional energy sources. The institute was founded in March, 1930.

There are 220 highly skilled experts, including 20 doctors of sciences and 70 candidates of sciences work at the institute.

The institute has postgraduate study and the specialized Council on public defending doctor’s and master’s theses on four specialties

VIESH issues proceedings on power, electrification and automation of an agriculture, methodical recommendations and organize annual scientific and technical conferences on rural energy and electrification.




•     A scientific substantiation, the forecast and strategy of power supply, electrification and energy saving in an agriculture, non-polluting resources saving technologies, Machines systems for electrification of an agricultural production and cattle breeding;

·    Highly effective electric technologies, thermal and electric equipment and automation systems for animal industries, plant cultivation, primary processing and storage electric tractors and electric transports agricultural products;

·     Development of methods and systems of reliable rural power generation and transmission systems, electro installations operation and safety of an electric equipment, including stand alone power systems;

•          Systems and means for electro mechanization of cattle breeding creation;

 Perspective technologies perfection and creation of new means for uses of renewable and nonconventional energy sources in agriculture;

•          The scientific staff education and improvement of expert professional skills;

•    Foreign trade activities and scientific and technical cooperation in the field of rural and renewable energy;

·  Information, consulting and implementation services rendering.


VIESH has subsidies:

·  State Unitary Enterprise the Central Experimental Design Bureau.

• State Unitary Enterprise «Experimental mechanical plant "Aleksandrovsky"».

·       The Interbranch Scientific and Technical Center on milking cows machine and primary processing of milk (MNTC VIESH «Techniques for milk production»);

·       The Scientific and Technical Center on Energy saving in an agriculture;

·  The international UNESCO chair «Renewable energy and rural electrification»;

·  Chair of Moscow State Agricultural Engineering University of V.P. Gorjachkin’s name «Renewable energy and rural electrification»;

·   Experimental-technological workshops on:

               —  PV cells and modules pilot manufacturing lines;

              — Manufacturing of the equipment and means of automation for technological processes in agricultural production;

              — Manufacturing of the equipment for primary processing and storage of agricultural production;

    — Design and application of equipment for electro mechanization dairy cattle breeding;

   —  Manufacturing of experimental lighting equipment.

The institute, the scientific and technical centers, pilot productions of institute and Experimental mechanical plant "Aleksandrovsky" (Aleksandrov town, the Vladimir region) under contracts with the agricultural both industrial enterprises and the organizations, farms and other rural commodity producers develop technologies, carry out projects, organize technology transfer manufacturing, purchase of machines, the equipment, installation, architectural supervision, service.

VIESH invites to cooperation on development and manufacturing of the electrical and technical equipment.