Alternative energy sources

The Problem Relevance

Our Planet faces a whole range of global disasters at once: energetic, ecological and thermal. The use of energy sources based on the principles of combustion of chemical and nuclear fuel, leads to immense negative results: the burning of valuable chemical substances, pollution and the raising of environment temperature. More over, the amount of hydrocarbon fuel is drastically diminishing. The fuel combustion and environmental pollution will in their turn, result in the increase in scale and violence of thermal, atmosphere and oceanic processes. It is expected that this trend will expand each year.

Now a major accent is made on the development of traditional renewable energy sources – wind-hydro plants, solar elements, plants using waves of the sea energy, etc. Tens of billions dollars spended for these projects. It is considered that traditional renewable energy sources will satisfy the whole Planet energy demands. But this is an exceedingly grave and dangerous mistake for the Humanity. At best traditional renewable energy sources will satisfy less than 2-15% of the Planet energy demands. The more so as the cost energy produced by these energy sources will be very high and they all depending of the occurrence of wind, flows, waves and the sun.

Hydrogen energy or energy sources of other planets would not be able to prevent energy cataclysm, as they would cause a sharpen raise of energy cost and more over would increase on Earth temperature.

Taking into account the existing situation, it`s urgent to reconsider the strategy of the global energy problem solution. It`s necessary to stop misinforming the world community by the statements that all problems of energy, ecological and other about will be successfully solved in the nearest future. This deadly lying for our civilization. It is only the search for new energy sources that are able to provide energy for the whole Humanity, being ecologically pure, low-cost, constantly accessible and independent of the presence of wind, flows, sea waves or sunshine that can save us.

Energy sources of an environment

Now there is unimaginable chaos in decisions of the problem with search energy sources. Police trying to solve it with the help of banks and wars. Scientists develop of traditional energy sources (on fuel and renewed energy sources). Courageous inventors invent not clearly that, down to “perpetuum mobile”. In such condition on the Planet the power problem will be not solved.

We offer to understand with this chaos a little and to offer the general principles extraction to energy from an environment. These general principles should clear up as it`s necessary to make alternative power.

As a first step we shall determine, we can deal with what kinds of energy.

Any kind of energy has the certain level in relation to the consumer (or to the device which should extract energy from an environment).

Fig.1. Energy sources of an environment.

Classification of energy by this level:


— low-potential;

— Conservative energy.

Conservative energy is that energy which is in the inhibited condition.

Conservative energy:

— Fuel (coal, fire wood, gas, petroleum etc.);

— Energy nuclear;

— Energy of a microstructure;

— Mechanical energy of atoms etc.;

— Mechanical energy of klasters etc. ;

— Mechanical energy of macrostructures etc.

Conservative energy can be is taken:

— at combustion, — at nuclear reactions;

— at sympathetic vibrations.

Thus the inhibited energy in many cases to become high-potential (see fig. 1). The mankind has learnt to take high-potential energy. But as it was written above, this way can not provide all requirements for energy, and carries many environmental problems and other lacks. At atom level and micro structures the inhibited mechanical energy use contain. This inhibited mechanical energy can be in the form of oscillations, rotations or other forms of mechanical movement. Probably, Kelly, N.Tesla, V.Shauberger etc. named one of these inhibited of energy as Sympathetic vibrations. Unfortunately, these forms of the inhibited energy remaining outside of attention of the competent researchers.

Ways of the decision of power problems

In the situation which have usually now power problems can be solved as follows:

1. To develop energy sources extraction low-potential energy of an environment.

2. To increase selection of energy by traditional renewed energy sources about the help of additional selection low-potential energy of an environment.

3. To start to develop sources of conservative energy