The vortex — oscillatory heat pump


1. Analogues.

The size of low potential the thermal environment around is huge. It is enough insignificant share of this energy, that water in all rivers of the world flew, stormed hurricanes and tornado, etc. Selection of small part is sufficient for satisfaction of all need of Mankind in energy now and on the future. Extraction of this energy is not accompanied by pollution and rise in environment temperature. 
Carry on thermal energy from an environment occurring in the next ways:
— Diffusion;
— Convective, connected with carry of substance;
— Radiant;
— Thermo wave.
For low potential sources of thermal energy the most effective is convective way of carry of heat. But it is connected with the organization of natural or artificial carry of atmospheric air, water of the rivers or the seas or other fluid environments.
For extraction thermal energy of an atmosphere, water of the rivers and the seas and ground various ways and devices that know already.


The heat pump

A heat pump is basically an air conditioner with a valve that allows it to operate in reverse. A heat pump is an electrically-powered device that extracts available heat from one area (the heat source) and transfers it to another (the heat sink) to either heat or cool an interior space or to extract heat energy from a fluid. In the case of a fridge, for example, heat is transferred from the interior of the fridge to the condenser coils at the back. 

For climates with moderate heating and cooling needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. Like a refrigerator, a heat pump uses electricity to move heat from a cool space into a warm one, making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer. During the heating season, heat pumps move heat from the cool outdoors into your warm house; during the cooling season, heat pumps move heat from your cool house into the warm outdoors. Because they move heat rather than generate heat, heat pumps can provide up to 4 times the amount of energy they consume.


The thermoacustical heat pump

Last decade was made serious search attempts about other ways and devices for extraction of low potential thermal energy of an environment. It was revealed, that in acoustic waves of high intensity formed zones with low and heat temperature and carry of energy between them is possible. This process is similar to the heat pump. These devices named as thermoacustical heat pumps.


NASA Ames Research Center/What is an Orifice Pulse Tube Cooler.htm


In tight volume of the special form very intensive standing acoustic wave is created. Air or helium can be used as environment. In acoustic wave cold zone formed (below temperature of low potential environments) and hot zone (this zone temperature above consumer temperature). The acoustic wave transfers thermal energy from cold zone to hot zone. In result the thermoacustical heat pump extract low potential thermal energy of an environment. The thermoacustical heat pump is not require the compressor, special liquids and many other things. Operating samples of thermoacustical heat pumps on 300 Watt was created. But developers had greater problems with creation thermoacustical heat pumps of average and big capacity.

The vortical heat pump

        It is known, that the Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube divides air entering into it on cold and hot.


Univ.-Prof. Jürgen U. Keller

"Optimal Design of the Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube" Y. Soni and W.J. Thomson Transactions of the ASME
Journal of Heat Transfer pp 316-317, May 1975 
"Build a Vortex Tube" The Amateur Scientist Scientific American, November 1958
"The heat pump in a vortex tube" B. Ahlborn, J.U. Keller and E. Rebhan Journal of Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics Vol 23, pp159-165 (1998)

Prof. Dr. J. U. Keller and Prof. Boye K. Ahlborn have decided to use this effect for extraction low potential thermal energy of atmosphere. 
Their idea consist following. Atmospheric air is passed through low temperature zone of vortical tube (cold zone vortical tube temperature below, than air temperature) and air gives to tube the thermal energy. Then from the tube atmospheric air is thrown out outside, thus it has temperature lower, than had earlier. Extracted energy transferred to the hot zone of tube. Thus the temperature of hot zone becomes higher, than it was without extraction energy of an environment. 
Breadboard models of the heat pump on the basis of vortical tube have been created. Test results have shown, that energy on output of the heat pump of this type is less than energy submitted on the compressor. That is the converter with transformation factor less than 1 has turned out. This result could be expected in advance. In vortical tube only 10-15 % of energy that submitted on the compressor going on formation of the vortical movement inside of the tube (and accordingly on division of air temperature inside of vortex). Other energy to be carried away together with is thrown out in atmosphere with the big air speed (In other way the vortical tube will not work). At good situation in 2-4 times more energy can extracting, than has energy the vortex in the tube. As result we have: 
— Energy in vortex of tube at 6-10 is less than times, than energy submitted on the compressor, 
— extraction energy from an environment is possible (it is hypothesis) in 2-4 times more energy of vortex. — As result we receive, that the heat pump with vortical tube does not give energy gain on output of the device due to "gratuitous energy" environment. 
Despite of negative results, work lead Prof. Dr. J. U. Keller and Prof. Boye K. Ahlborn have very important value. It has specified a basic opportunity of extracting low potential to energy of atmosphere by means with vortex. For successfull realization this way of extract atmosphere energy is necessary to solve three problems (or part of them): 
— To increase efficiency of the device for generating high-speed vortex which will divide temperature of external atmospheric air; 
— To increase factor of the converter strengthening (vortex) due to greater downturn of atmosphere temperature and extract thermal energy of atmosphere at moisture condensation; 
— To increase factor of the converter strengthening (vortex) due extract pressure energy of atmosphere or water column. 

Louis Michaud, inventor of the

AVE Atmospheric Vortex Engine

By imitating nature, we can create a vortex using low temperature heat sources.
If Mother Nature produces spontaneous vortices from 30. seawater, then we ought to be able to use 40. waste
water to create an artificial vortex and extract energy.
web site:



Works are conducted on extraction energy from an environment by means of vortical movement: Dr. Kushin V.V., Prof. G.I.Kiknadze, Dr. Savchenko A.M., Dr. Sharkov V.F., Dr. Serebryakov R.A., David Dennard, Klem, Jean-Louis Naudin, Harald Kautz-Vella and many other things. Prof. Bubnov V.A. has lead series of successful experiments on transformation the thermal energy of vortex into kinetic.


1. Extraction low potential thermal energy from an environment is fact already. Tens millions heat pumps extracting the thermal energy from atmospheric air, water of the rivers and the seas, from ground also transferring it for heating inhabited and industrial premises.
2. Existing types of heat pumps have strengthening energy factor up to 4 and there no samples which would submit to the consumer the electric power.
3. Despite of increasing energy crisis on extraction to energy from low potential environments not enough attention is given development of direction of researches.

The reasons following:

— creation of converters, extract energy of atmosphere and water demands scientific and design knowledge on the order above, than it required for development of traditional wind-hydrogenerators and other renewed energy sources;
— existing heat pumps provide the consumer only with thermal energy;
— existing types of heat pumps complicated enough and expensive;
— the theory and the general principles of extraction low potential energy is not developed;
— the opportunity of reception much greater factor of energy strengthening and creation of independent energy sources, and also receptions of electric energy remains outside of the broad understanding audience of scientists and businessmen;
— despite of success in creation and start in huge series of heat pumps, researches in the field of extraction low potential energy are considered as "pseudoscientific";
— unfortunately, in this area there is set of inventors which try to create various type "perpetuums mobile" which only discredit this direction of scientific researches.
4. Now appears more and more of scientific researches on extraction low potential energy which lean on bases of fundamental physics and create preconditions of reception in the near future highly effective independent energy sources of thermal and electric energy.
5. Low potential energy sources is ecologically pure.
6. Low potential energy sources can deliver it pure water, extracting it from atmosphere, alongside with maintenance of the energy consumer
7. Opportunity combination of the wind-hydrogenerator with a vortex-oscillatory the amplifier. It will lead to increase in the energy, submitted to the consumer.
8. Sources of extraction low potential energy of an environment can provide with energy all planet needs and replace all existing power stations, including nuclear.
9. The development success this direction of the power depending of decision-making on serious financing this direction and scientific level of scientists and designers which will be working on this.



The vortex-oscillatory heat pump. Our results and offers.



2. Our scientific results

2.1. The theory and the common principles of extraction low potential energy are developed.




2.2. The generation vortex in the fluid environment by means of only oscillations the special form (Know How) is developed.

      Vortical movement is one of the most perspective directions. But vortexes in known devices have been created by means of rotation various bodies, the compressor, etc. Efficiency of these drives is not great. Therefore no positive results there. We created drive in which by means of special form oscillations very intensive vortexes created at very small energy expenses. It is reached by that vortex generation occurs by means of oscillations (it differs from poorly economical ways vortex generation by means of various rotations, the compressor, for example from Rank tube, etc.). Simultaneously with it, oscillations used for annihilation aero- or hydro dynamical resistance at vortex movement.

The installation which has confirmed experimentally this effect is made.




2.3. The common principles of extraction low potential thermal energy from quiet environment by means vortex have developed.

(A vortex-oscillatory the heat pump) At movement in vortex of air (or waters) particle have low temperature inside vortex and heat in external vortex area. Known vortical tubes on Rank effect working by means of the compressor submitting inside of tube air compressed. In our offered device vortical Rank effect is created by means only of the special form (Know How) oscillations without the compressor.


Inside vortex zone below ambient temperature (to similarly Rank effect in vortical tube) low temperature is created. The environment is pumped with vortex over through internal vortex zone and thrown out outside. Owing thus, to difference of temperature between acting jet from environment and internal vortex part, last heats up due to thermal energy selection from outside (from the jet).
At the further movement, inside of the vortex, particles get in external vortex area. There they have temperature above, than would have without selection energy from environment. Selection energy for the consumer occurs from external high-temperature zone. At the energy selection from usual vortical tube this energy will not more, than compressor energy which created vortical effect. In our case selected energy will consist energy of the device vortex-oscillatory effect excited (new type vortical tube) and, that the most important, from energy of the quiet environment utilized by means with vortex. Energy from quiet environment, under the certain physical conditions (Know How), can be in some tens times more than energy device which have vortex created. The essence of work consists in of the heat pump vortex-oscillatory.
The vortex-oscillatory thermal pump in difference from known thermal pumps can extract not only thermal energy of low potential environments by cooling it, but thermal energy at moisture condensation from atmosphere and atmosphere energy potential pressure or water column.
It is necessary to emphasize, that our researches based on the classical fundamental physics and have continuation of the works of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Nikola Tesla, and Victor Shaubergera, professors Alexander Predvoditeleva, Nobel winner Ilya Prigozhin and many other scientists.
By experiments have confirmed very low power expenses for the vortex generation.
Further us planned to create inside vortex the zone with temperature, below environment. It is real, since such downturn of temperature is already known, for example in Rank tube, in intensive vortical cyclones. After that does not represent basic problems to pass through this cold zone the air or water which will give thermal energy, being even more cooled (see fig. above). Vortex particles transferring the energy received from environment in area where the temperature above, than has the consumer, and give energy to the consumer.
Theoretical estimations extraction by means vortex have shown energy of environment, that energy factor of strengthening at extraction thermal energy there can be 3-40 times, and at extraction energy of environment pressure, — up to 140 times.


2.4. Ways of extraction low potential thermal energy by means vortex have developed:

— Convective transfer (figure at the left);

— Diffuse energy transfer (figure on the right).


At figure the common case — simultaneous extraction is shown kinetic wind power and currents and — ThrmValv.gif ential thermal energy


2.5. Ways extraction low potential thermal energy and water condensation from atmosphere by means vortex have developed:

— Convective transfer (figure at the left);

— Diffuse transfer of energy (figure on the right).


At figures the common case — simultaneous extraction is shown kinetic wind power and — currents and low potential to thermal energy and water condensation from atmosphere.

2.6. Ways of extraction low potential thermal and potential (pressure) energy by means with vortex have developed:


At figures the common case — simultaneous extraction is shown kinetic wind power and currents and low potential energy


Extracted energy can be used by the consumer in the form of:
— Energy (thermal, kinetic, pressure, electric or other.);
— Reception of useful work at once of low potential energy extraction.
There is opportunity of wind generator combination with the vortex-oscillatory amplifier.


3. Advantages vortex-oscillatory of the thermal pump in comparison with existing energy sources.


Comparison characteristics of the thermal pump (on Freon) and vortex-oscillatory of the thermal pump



Vortex-oscillatory the thermal pump is intended:

— For heating inhabited and uninhabited premises, it similar to application of usual thermal pumps abroad (the electric power economy in some times);
— Use in refrigerators and conditioners instead of usual thermal pumps;
— Use in various technological processes.


4.1. The heat pump




4.2. Moisture condensation



4.3. The Refrigerator



4.4. Gas condensation