Vortex Oscillation Technology

In all branches of industry, agriculture and other fields there is a great demand for mixing, grinding, separating, drying, extracting, etc. For these technological processes equipment is applied that is based on the use of vibrations, vortices, centrifugal forces and other physical effects. These devices are produced by a great many companies. The market for them is really impressive.
It is known that all the existing devices have a number of drawbacks bur still they are popular, because there are no alternatives.
We offer to use a new physical effect (namely, vortex-oscillation effect, the Dr. E. Sorokodum’s KNOW-HOW) that can allow to develop technological devices of a new generation — highly-effective, energy-saving, reliable and inexpensive.


Now we can produce technological devices much more effective than all the known ones, including our own oscillation operation line. We offer to use our vortex-oscillation effect.

Vortex-oscillation effect

We have discovered a new type of vortex movement (oscillation-vortex effect) combining intensive rotary and oscillation movement.
Vortex movement is produced with the use of a specific oscillation mode.


Fig.1. Liquid (or solid) particles trajectory in a vortex.

The left image at Fig. 1 shows the way liquid (or solid) particles are brought up inside a vortex, simultaneously rotating and oscillating. Than, on reaching the top, they lower down, similarly rotating and oscillating. The right image shows the trajectory of a single particle in a vortex. It is oscillating and moving in a vortex at once. The vortex is hollow inside.


The oscillating vortex properties

1. An extremely intensive vortex is generated at specific values of amplitude, frequence and modes of oscillation, the reactor size (a reservoir containing the processed medium) and at specific physical characteristics of liquid (or granular solid material).
2. All particles are simultaneously rotating and oscillating in many degrees of freedom.
3. All particles are moved in a complex way inside a vortex.
4. There is a great difference among the speed of various layers of a vortex in moving liquid. Liquid (or solid material particles) are intensively mixed and grind one another in the result. The total amount of liquid is intermixed simultaneously. There are no any dead spaces there.
5. This vortex rotation speed by far exceeds the speed of oscillation excitation that has brought it to life. We have already obtained the liquid rotation speed of 60 m/sec. This speed can be much more impressive.
6. The vortex is characterized by considerable centrifugal forces. We have already obtained centrifugal acceleration of 30000 m/sec2. This centrifugal acceleration can be increased many times.
7. We have obtained the liquid particles oscillation acceleration of 1000 m/sec2. This value can also be considerably increased.
8. Oscillations inside a vortex lower fluid viscosity down many times. Due to that effect, friction between fluid layers is considerably reduced.
9. Oscillation inside a vortex reduces friction between fluid and the internal walls of the reactor in which a vortex is rotating.
10. Due to the characteristics of fluid movement (see 2, 7 and 8) the capacity of a drive necessary to generate vortex, is lowered down many times.
11. Fluid particles are compressed and stretched while moving.
12. It is possible to increase intensity up to a level when separation by temperature occurs. Particles temperature will raise and lower down in the process of movement.
13. We can generate vortices with extremely low and very high rotation speed and vibration and centrifugal accelerations. There exist modes when vortex captures air and draws it inside. Vortices patterns are quite different.


Successful results of our vortex-oscillation technologies (obtained at laboratory devices)

Vortex movement we describe can produce various extremely intensive technological processes: mixing, grinding, separation, washing, gas condensation, etc. The proposed technology is successfully tested at laboratory setup; oil extraction from oil sands, biofuel production, mixing mazut with water, etc. Moreover, this technology can be used for grinding sawdust, condensation of methane and other gases.
We have developed several laboratory devices. The following tests have been carried out for preliminary assessment of the use of vortex-oscillation effects in various technological processes:

 Estimation of energy consumption of vortex generation by the example of water vortex

Water was fed into the laboratory reactor.

— Vortex was formed out of water at the laboratory reactor.
— Energy cost of vortex generation constitute 150 — 3000 W/m3 of water in dependence on vortex intensity.

The lead approbations on our laboratory devices have shown that offered by us a vortex-oscillatory the effect gives positive result in many technological processes.


A new generation of highly-effective technological devices can be developed on the basis of our vortex-oscillation effect

Major advantages of our future vortex-oscillation devices in comparison with concurrent devices:

1. The vortex-oscillation devices vibration process (vibration acceleration) is exceedingly higher. Medium viscosity and power needed to generate vortex movement are reduced and processing speed increases several times.
2. Centrifugal acceleration is higher several times. The level and speed of grinding, separation, etc., also increase. There is a great pressure fall in the movement of medium particles both in internal and external parts of a vortex.
3. The total medium amount is processed (with great oscillations and speed gradients). It results in uniform medium processing and considerably increased processing speed.
4. Grinding is realized by particles hitting each other due to oscillations and particles rubbing in the process of rotation and oscillation.
5. Grinding parts (balls, bars, etc.) are excluded. It results in lowering the cost of the process and an increased purity of the product. On the basis if this technology a highly-effective mill to produce nano powder.
6. There are no rotating, oscillating or fixed parts inside the device.
7. The reactor is not rotating.
8. Small size and weight.
9. The rotated medium is self-centered at any speed of vortex rotation. No bars, bearings or other accessories are needed.
10. Reactors can either open or hermetically sealed. Pressure inside such a reactor can be standard, high or low.
11. These devices can be operated both periodically or continuously.
12. High effectiveness of any technological process. They are simple and inexpensive.
13. They can be produced of standard elements and control units.
14. Acoustic noise level is lower than the acoustic noise of an engine or a vibrator of similar capacity.
15. Their maintenance is quite simple.


The devices we offer can perform the following technological processes:


Oscillation acceleration below 3g.
Centrifugal acceleration less 5g

Oscillation acceleration below 50g
Centrifugal acceleration less 10g

Oscillation acceleration of 50g-100g.
Centrifugal acceleration of 500g-3000g

Oscillation acceleration of 100g-200g.
Centrifugal acceleration of 100g-5000g

Oscillation acceleration of 200g-500g.
Centrifugal acceleration of 2000g-10000g

Oscillation acceleration >500g.
Centrifugal acceleration >10000g

1. Growing microorganisms, including microalgae
2. The generation of a boiling vortex
3. Material buildup, including silicon

1. Liquid mixing
2. Looses material mixing
3. The acceleration of heat and mass transfer and of chemical reactions
4. Washing of materials, vegetables, reservoirs, etc.

1. Separation
2. Drying of materials, vegetable raw materials (including grains)

1. Grinding of loose materials

1. Nano powder production

1. New technologies

2. Material self-heating

1. Pharmaceutical industry
3.Solar batteries elements

1 Chemical industry
3.Other industries.

1. Pharmaceutical industry
3. Food industry;
4.Chemical industry
5.Other industries

1. Mining and processing industry
2. Chemical industry
3.Metal-working industry
4. Pharmaceutical industry
6.Other industries

Nano industry


Technological devices we offer are characterized by extremely intensive vortex movement with simultaneous particle oscillation in a vortex

The device design is given at the Figure below:





Our offers

We search for the investor and the partner for development of highly effective technological devices of new generation:

domestic mixer (an ex-tractor of medicinal grasses, teas and ets)


the mixing device



The crushed shaving

The crushed packed cement

The crushed polymetallic ore



extraction of oil from oil sand
processing oil slime
grinder of materials to nano-sizes


water fuel mix
extraction waters from an atmosphere


extraction energy and condensation of natural gas


the pump




washing root crops, sand, container etc.


the plant of medicinal herbs extraction
other process equipment