The plant of medicinal herbs extraction

The operation line we have successfully set up

In 1991 we have successfully developed and set up a plant of medicinal herbs extraction with the use of oscillations


At that time we carried out herbs extraction with the use of vibrations. In contrast to traditional extraction technologies, our operation line had a wide range of advantages:
— the medicinal herbs extraction process does not need any heating;
— the extraction speed is increased 16 times and more;
— the amount of medicinal herbs needed for the process is reduced by 30%.

The design of the medicinal herbs extraction plant in the agricultural company "Stalgene" (Latvia)

The medicinal herbs extraction plant (the red reservoir above is a vibroextractor)

The 2 cubic meters vibroextractor

Now we can produce technological devices much more effective than all the known ones, including our own oscillation operation line. We offer to use our vortex-oscillation effect.