Oil slime

  In the world there is a problem of pollution of the earth and reservoirs oil slime, its huge storehouses accumulate. In all states the big efforts on allocation of mineral oil from slimes are made. Even at clearing application this problem remains. Us more effective technology of extraction of oil from slimes is offered — process will be cheaper, and clearing degree — is more.

 We make successful experiments on extraction of oil from oil slime. The result of this experiment is more low resulted.


Oil slime (stored for 10 years)

It is very dense sluggish liquid. Oil slime was processed for 15 minutes.

— Vortex was formed of this mixture in a laboratory plant.
— Oil slime was transformed into fluent sour cream-like liquid which preserved these characteristics for several decades.
— Before processing open flash-point was 170ºC.
— After processing open flash-point was 80ºC.


Recommendations on the use of our technologies:
— Processing intensity (oscillation acceleration level, rotation speed and centrifugal acceleration) can be increased several times.
— Viscosity is reduced several times due to oscillations in the vortex body. Thus, energy needed for oil slime processing is also lowered down several times.
— Our devices can be used for waste utilization.
— Our devices can be used for making benzene out of oil and oil waste.